Whelped: July 6, 2019
Ready to go Home: August 31, 2019
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Females: 5 (0 left)

Nala had a very healthy litter of pups on July 6, 2019! She had 10 pups, all who are healthy and doing well!  All puppies from this litter are purebred golden retrievers and will come with limited registration papers.  Most of the litter is a dark golden to red color (see Nala's coat in pictures),  but there are a few lighter coats in the litter as well.

We will be updating the blog below with weekly (or occasionally more often) updates on how all the pups are doing!

The pups from this litter are $1400.  There is a $200 deposit that can be paid to reserve your puppy until pick up day.  This deposit will give you the next available pick of the litter and will guarantee you whatever pup you pick on puppy pickup day.


3 Weeks Old!

The pups are now 3 weeks old, and with their eyes all open now they are very adventurous, getting much better at moving around and exploring their surroundings! They are also beginning to play with each other a little bit, and its at this age that their personalities really begin to show. At this age it is very hard to take pictures of them because they just want to run around,so below are a couple picture of them while they sleep, next week we will have more active pictures!


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