We love our dogs.  All our dogs live with us full time and are more than our pets, they are part of our family.



Born: March 25, 2018

Dierks is the father of all of our puppies, and is originally from Eastern Oregon! He is playful, adventurous, and loves to nuzzle! He has a medium golden coat, is very lean and muscular (likely due to his love of swimming) and weighs in at about 55 lbs.


Born: May 19, 2018

Scarlet is a pure bred poodle from Hollywood, California.  She is full of energy and loves to play with her toys!  being a poodle she is very light, weighing in around 45 lbs, but still stands as tall as Dierks.  Her pups will be first generation Golden Doodles, and will have a variety of colors due to her parents different colors and Dierks' golden color.



Born: June 14, 2018

Nala is our youngest mother, she is very energetic and loves to swim and play fetch!  She is originally from Payson, Arizona.  She is a dark red color, and her pups will vary in color from her dark red coat to the medium golden coat of our sire, Dierks.